. Covid-19 Policy


Please note the following changes due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Please ensure that you support these changes during this difficult period. These changes take affect from November 1, 2020 and stay in effect until further notice.

* Each adult must sign a registration form which includes a health waiver for themselves and their family and others staying on their site before entering the centre.
* Visitors MUST register at the office to gain access to the centre. Once registered and approved you will be allowed grounds access.
* We have introduced NSW Health check in. Each guest must check in via the QR Code or Service NSW app
* Each site must have a maximum 8 people preferably all from the same household.
* When out on the grounds please maintain physical distancing using the 1.5 m rule.
* When in groups please use the 2 metre sq rule.
* The amenities blocks will be cleaned daily and all handles disinfected.
* Please leave a vacant hand basin between you and the next person when washing hands.
* Please wash your hands at all times when using the amenities blocks.
* Hand sanitiser will be available in the amenities blocks. Please use it on every visit.
* The Gojo pump soap in the amenities blocks contain an anti-bacterial sanitiser.
* When waiting to use an amenity please maintain physical distancing at all times.

The following documents are available to our customers to show that we are meeting our obligations in ensuring that their safety and wellbeing are taken seriously.

This link is a summarised document – Covid-19 Summary
Covid Plan – Covid-19 Plan
Covid-19 Risk Assessement – Covid-19 Risk Assessment


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