Graham and Michelle Hood speaking at If My People Prayer Conference

Graham and Michelle Hood speaking at If My People Prayer Conference

Speaking at the upcoming Prayer Conference, Graham and Michelle have an extraordinary but fascinating story. They met at 38,000 feet. He was captain of the big jet airliner, she was a passenger in Business Class. Cabin crew had positioned a trolley across the aisle and she couldn’t return to her seat from the bathroom. He was unable to re-enter the flight deck while she was there because of anti-terrorism regulations. Something happened in the next few moments neither of them could have imagined. Sixteen months later they were baptised and married on the same day.

They have been running their healing ministry, Mission Serenity, since 2008 and have changed many lives along the way.

“At Mission Serenity we are convinced that the Holy Spirit will not live in a dirty house. We have been at the coal face of Recovery Ministry since 2008 and have seen the power of the Higher Power Jesus Christ in the restoration of brokenness in peoples lives. God has shown us clearly that it is time that we applied our knowledge in practical ways to prepare ourselves for the infilling of the Holy Spirit.”

“We have discovered that the sanctification required in our preparation to receive the latter rain, can be achieved in a very simple and healing way through the twelve steps. Non believers, carnal Christians and sceptics have seen dramatic and lasting change as they journey the twelve steps to recovery. Conquering the dragon is possible in Holy Spirit power on a daily basis and our purpose in ministry is to help clean out the dirty laundry in preparation for the arrival of the King and it’s working.”

“We can all have victory over sin and be a powerful witness in this way.”

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