Victorious Ministries Through Christ

We, a group of approx. 40-50, have been going to Stuarts Point Convention Centre twice per year for 3 years now.  As a centre it is practical, on lovely grounds, accommodation is variable to suit all needs and costs, very clean and well kept, much loved.

However, those are side issues to the welcoming way we are received by the staff.  This Godly group are amazing in their gift of hospitality.  The catering style is unique, nothing is ever a bother.  Many varieties of dietary needs are catered for with abundance of wholesome varieties of delicious foods.

The staff at SPCC work together like parents of a large family.  They unobtrusively go about their maintenance routine.  They are never too busy to interact with guests, we leave feeling cared for, nourished and as though we should give more into them, as we gain more than we could ever reciprocate.