We have been looking at how we can manage our grounds during these trying times. Although we are a convention centre, we are also a caravan and camping ground or a caravan park for another term.

We have the capability to accommodate people in isolation due to our size and to assist people who may be caught in transit. For this reason we remain open to the general public, until the government outlines whether we are classified as an essential service or not. I am aware that the Caravan Industry Association has been in discussions with the Federal Government to consider this.

If the government determines us to be a non-essential service we will temporarily close the grounds. If we are deemed an essential service we will remain open under the following guidelines

  • All bookings must be pre-booked and all payments will be made online.
  • All boom gate keys will be provided via the lockbox at reception.
  • Campers in caravans, trailers, buses and tents must provide a 2 site space between them and the next camping guest.
  • People will be required to maintain acceptable social distancing while on our grounds.

During this period we will double our cleaning efforts to ensure that hygiene is maintained for all guests.

This situation may change as more further developments arise. For more information please email [email protected] or call 02 6569 0576.