2019 was a busy year for the campgrounds. 2020 started off with a bang and then Covid hit in March and Yarra closed it doors. When you have 75 acres in rainforest by the ocean, there’s always plenty of jobs to complete, but never enough workers to complete them all. Covid only amplified that. So we are organising two working bees for Yarra so we can launch into 2021 with some polish. We are looking for those who have a passion for Yarra to assist where they can. The working bees are now scheduled for the following dates with more potentially planned during the Christmas holiday period.

Weekend of 16th October – 18th October – coming in on the Sabbath to start first thing on Sunday and leaving on Monday.
Weekend of 31st October – 2nd November – coming in on the Sabbath to start first thing on Sunday and leaving on Monday.
(We had to cancel the planned working bee scheduled for the October long weekend due to logisitics.)

Here is a short list of jobs to be done

  • Clear logs, lantana and debris from the Challenge Course
  • Clear old challenge activity debris from bush areas
  • Clear fallen trees and timber from the dam
  • Fix trail to Flying Fox
  • Clear fallen trees around the cabins
  • Construct a new cruiser mountain bike trail and clean existing trails
  • Repair decking and timber uprights around kitchen and dining room
  • Repair several roof leaks in chapel.

Accommodation will be in the Yarra cabins, dorms and at the campground for those with caravans, tents etc. Those wanting to stay on for a few extra days can do so. Meals will be provided to those who help. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch. Thanks in advance. Glenn

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